Finance & Accounting

Every business needs to have their finances managed. Some may do it in house, but this can quickly become costly. This is why we here at Ibiixo Business Solutions wish to help you out. Our company employs a team of experienced accountants who are sure to help you with whatever you need on a financial level.

Services we offer

We offer a plethora of different services here at Ibiixo Business Solutions. Just because we do not list a particular financial service here does not necessarily mean that we do not offer it. In fact, it is likely that we do offer it. Just pick up the phone and get in touch with our team today.

Bookkeeping services:

we are able to help with your day-to-day bookkeeping. This includes the payment and collection of invoices etc. We have experience in several different niches, so we can help you out no matter your company.

Accounting services:

if you want a team to manage your accounts, then there are few options as brilliant as us here at Ibiixo. We have a team of dedicated accountants who you can be sure will keep your accounts in perfect order, saving you money and headache.

Tax processing services:

whether you need your tax paid, or you just need to work out how much tax you need to pay, the team here at Ibiixo are just the ticket. Let us put the handling of your tax into our hands. We get it right.

Invoice processing services:

whether you have invoices that need to be paid or invoices that you are owed, we can set that all up for you. We regularly work with companies that are processing thousands of invoices a week. Let us take you on board!

Financial analysis services:

we can look at your finances and identify ways in which your business can make savings. In fact, this a major part of the work that we carry out here at Ibiixo.

Payroll processing services:

we can take payroll off your hands. We can make sure that your staff are paid the right amount and at the right time EVERY single time.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Financial Services to Ibiixo

There are several reasons as to why you may want to outsource your financial services to Ibiixo. For starters; we are good what we do. Seriously good at it. You get good at what you do when you have been doing for something for so long.

We employ some of the best accountants in all of India. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure that the accountants we employ are up to date on all rules and regulations. This means that you know your financial data is being handled properly.

To cap it all off; we like to ensure that our services are as affordable as possible. We know that a business wants to cut down on its expenses as much as it can, and we really do want to help.

To find out more, call Ibiixo today.