Call Centre Services

Welcome to Ibiixo Business Services. A company that specializes in various business services. We want to take the stress of running a business out of your hands. Here, we offer several different small business services. One such service is our call centre service. If you want to setup a call centre in India for a low price, then we are just the company.

Services we offer

Here at Ibiixo Business Services, we offer a plethora of different services to our customers. This includes:

Inbound call centre services:

our service is perfect for those who wish to operate a customer support service. Let us take the stress out of your hands and get our highly-trained team of staff on the case. We can answer calls how you want.

Outbound call centre services:

this service is perfect for those who want to send out phone calls, perhaps as part of a sales pitch. We can contact many different countries using our service.

Technical support services:

if your company wishes to offer technical support to its clients, then our technical support service may be the right choice for you. We can train our staff based upon the workings of your company, ensuring that the customer gets the service that they need.

Chat support Services:

this service is ideal for those who wish to provide non-technical support to their customers. For example; when it comes to billing and the like.

Benefits of Outsourcing 

Call Centre to Ibiixo Business Solutions

  • We have been doing this job for an exceedingly long time. We know how to plan a call centre which is going to work for your business. Due to the unique way in which we operate, we can also scale up your service as you start to receive more calls. Basically, we will grow with you.
  • All the phone staff that we employ here at Ibiixo are highly-trained. You can be sure that they are offering the best possible service to the people that call your company. If there is anything unique about your company that you feel we may need to know about, then tell us. We can train our staff up to suit.
  • We are affordable. In fact, our company is likely going to be far more affordable than if you decided to put together your own telephone team. As we mentioned previously; we can easily scale up the service that we offer you, so you can be positive that we are offering the best possible service to you and, perhaps more importantly, the people that answer the telephones.

    To find out more about outsourcing your services to Ibiixo, please pick up the telephone and give us a call today! Our dedicated team would be more than happy to walk you through the process of utilizing our services.