Data Entry Services
Here at Ibiixo Business Services, we offer a plethora of different services to companies who are looking for data entry services. In fact, data entry is just one of the jobs that we can carry out here at Ibiixo, although here we want to focus on data entry.

Here at Ibiixo Business Services, we offer a plethora of different services to companies. Here, we want to talk about our most popular service; data entry. We have an experienced team of staff working for us, and we believe that they are ‘just the ticket’ when it comes to helping you get your data on your systems.

Services we offer

As we mentioned; this is just a small preview of the data entry services we offer here. We are positive that we can offer anything that you want when it comes to data entry, whether this be the inputting of company reports, questionnaires, or the answers to business surveys.

Online data entry services:

if you have data which needs to be inputted into an online system, then our online data entry services may be right for you. We can even input the data into your virtual network.

Offline data entry services:

for large scale data entry into offline systems e.g. databases that your company may run.

eBook data entry services:

we can help convert your books to eBooks. We regularly work with publishers here.

Image tagging data entry services:

we can add tags to various images to make them easier to search. We can also add image descriptions if required.

Data entry for e-commerce websites:

perfect for a store with a ton of products which is looking to get ‘up and running’

Catalogue data entry services Data entry from dictionaries and manuals:

input data for retail, industrial, and fashion catalogs. we can convert your dictionaries and manuals into an electronic format.

Data entry for printed and handwritten documents:

we can convert your handwritten documents e.g. letters, into digital data.
Why Outsource to ibiixo 

Business Solutions?

Because we know what we are doing. We have been in this business an exceedingly long time now. This means that we have what it takes to get your data up and running in next-to-no time at all. It is our job and we do it incredibly well. We are proud of the team that we have assembled here and there is not a challenge we are unable to face.

Of course, due to the unique way in which we operate, we can offer this service at an incredibly competitive price. In fact, we strive to be one of the most competitive companies in the industry. When you work with Ibiixo Business Solutions, not only will you be enjoying one of the best teams in the industry working for you. You will be saving money too.

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