Data Conversion Services

If you have data that needs to be converted from one format to another, then the team here at Ibiixo can help you out. We are one of the oldest business services company operating in India right now, and we have worked hard to ensure that we offer some of the best data conversion services in the country.

Services we offer

Here at Ibiixo, we offer several different services to the clients that we work with. Remember; just because you do not see a service here, it does not mean that we do not offer it. In fact, we have such sophisticated technology here, we are positive that we could offer any sort of data conversion service you required.

HTML Conversion services:

we are able to easily convert most documents into HTML code. This will allow you to easily distribute your documents online. This service is fantastic for those who are looking to outfit their site with new content.

XML & Spreadsheet conversion: :

this is one of the most popular formats for storing and sharing data online. We can convert most published content into XML.
we can easily convert documents into a spreadsheet using our OCR services. This will enable you to edit your document easier.

Electronic documents manager:

if you have paper documents, we can help you to convert them to an electronic format. We will do so in such a way that allows them to be easily stored and retrieved using an online service.

Document digitizing services:

if you have paper documents that you want to convert to a digital format, then we are positive that the staff and equipment that we have here at Ibiixo is up to the task. We can easily convert massive amounts of information into a digital format. In fact, we have a lot of experience.


PDF is one of the most popular formats for sharing data online and through email. We can convert almost all documents into a PDF format quickly and easily for you.¨

Word Formatting services:

it is vital that your documents are formatted in the right way. Our company will be able to take your word documents and spice them up to ensure that they look far more appealing.

Why use Ibiixo?

Our company has existed for a long time now. In fact, the earliest iteration of our company was back in the early 1900s. While we have grown considerably since then, we have learned a lot of things along the way. We know how to offer a fabulous service to the companies that we work with. When you work with us when it comes to data conversion, you can enjoy a company that knows how to do things quickly and effectively, while also ensuring that what we offer comes in at an affordable price.

If you want to find out more about how Ibiixo can help you when it comes to data conversion, get in touch with us today.